Oakland, CA, Monday, June 7, 2021

Crucial Universal Addiction Treatment Funding for Statewide Effort

We Need Funding for the BHPP Now More Than Ever

We are focused on universal access to addiction treatment, and the California legislature’s budget may help us achieve this goal. With $40m proposed in renewed funding for the Behavioral Health Pilot Project (BHPP), we are closer than ever to transforming addiction treatment by ensuring that every hospital in California provides 24/7 access to evidence-based care. This crucial funding is currently pending the approval of the Governor.

Take Action

Tell Governor Gavin Newsom why the BHPP is vital for your patients, hospital, or community. Click here to email the Governor and include the following detail:

  • Select “Budget Proposal 2021-22” from the dropdown list of subjects. 
  • Mention that you “support an additional $40 million in funding for the Behavioral Health Pilot Project” in your comment 
  • Include why this is a critical issue to you.

As deaths from drug overdoses are rising substantially across the state, now is the time to fund universal access to substance use treatment, making it the standard of care in all health systems.  Together, we can save thousands of lives through 24/7 evidence-based addiction treatment in every hospital throughout California.  

Tweet About It

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Thank you, #CALeg for supporting $40 million for the Behavioral Health Pilot Project (BHPP) and substance use treatment in the #CABudget. Now we need @CAgovernor to make evidence-based access to treatment a reality.

@CAgovernor please join #CALeg in making a crucial investment in the Behavioral Health Pilot Project (BHPP) so that all Californians have universal access to addiction treatment. With overdoses climbing, we need this support now more than ever.

In Solidarity

A former medical director of an emergency department shares both professional and personal reasons for supporting this funding. Tell the Governor why universal access to evidence-based substance use disorder treatment is important to you.

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