Application Period for Bridge Navigator Program Supplemental Funding is Closed

CA Bridge is supporting selected hospitals to strengthen the sustainability of the CalBridge Behavioral Health Navigator Program (Bridge Navigator Program) with supplemental funding. 

Supplemental Program Overview

Successful applicants will receive an additional $25,000 per hospital to implement one or more strategies to maintain the position of the navigator working with patients with behavioral health needs in the emergency department. 

Acceptance of supplemental funding for the Bridge Navigator Program does not require a commitment to continue the navigator position after the Bridge Navigator Program ends but does require hospitals to identify, commit to, and execute a defined strategy to increase the sustainability of the position.


To qualify for supplemental funding, hospitals with active, executed Bridge Navigator Program contracts must have completed Phase 1 deliverables. Hospitals without executed contracts must have submitted an application for the initial Bridge Navigator Program funding by the December 15, 2022 deadline. 


Supplemental funding is limited. Applications will be evaluated against the following funding priorities: 

  • First priority will be given to newly funded hospitals (i.e., hospitals that did not receive funding for their CA Bridge programs prior to the current Bridge Navigator Program grant).
  • If funds remain after first priority hospitals are selected, we will consider applications from hospitals that did not receive funding from PHI/CA Bridge in 2019, with priority given according to the highest volume of Medi-Cal patients served in the ED.


The application period is closed.