Now Accepting Applications for Bridge Navigator Program Supplemental Funding

CA Bridge announces the opportunity to strengthen the sustainability of the CalBridge Behavioral Health Navigator Program (Bridge Navigator Program) with supplemental funding.

Supplemental Program Overview

Successful applicants will receive an additional $25,000 per hospital to implement one or more strategies to maintain the position of the navigator working with patients with behavioral health needs in the emergency department. 

Acceptance of supplemental funding for the Bridge Navigator Program does not require a commitment to continue the navigator position after the Bridge Navigator Program ends but does require hospitals to identify, commit to, and execute a defined strategy to increase the sustainability of the position.


To qualify for supplemental funding, hospitals with active, executed Bridge Navigator Program contracts must have completed Phase 1 deliverables. Hospitals without executed contracts must have submitted an application for the initial Bridge Navigator Program funding by the December 15, 2022, deadline. 


Supplemental funding is limited. Applications will be evaluated against the following funding priorities: 

  • Priority will be given to newly funded hospitals (i.e., hospitals that did not receive funding for their CA Bridge programs before the current Bridge Navigator Program grant).
  • If funds remain after priority hospitals are selected, we will consider applications from hospitals that did not receive funding from PHI/CA Bridge in 2019, with priority given according to the highest volume of Medi-Cal patients served in the ED.


The application deadline is February 15, 2023, at 11:59 pm. 


How many sites will receive this supplemental funding?
Supplemental funding is available for all 85 hospitals funded for the first time under BNP. If some of these hospitals do not apply, we will be able to fund some hospitals in the second priority tier. 

I received funding from the state through the Behavioral Health Pilot Project (BHPP) in 2020-2021. Should I apply?
Yes, hospitals that received BHPP funding are in our second priority tier and will be considered after hospitals that only received one year of funding through BNP. In this second tier, priority will be given to hospitals with high Medi-Cal volume. 

I received funding under SOR 1 (2019 funding contract from PHI/CA Bridge). Should I apply?
Given the amount of supplemental funding currently available, it is unlikely that hospitals that received SOR 1 funding in 2019 would receive this supplemental funding. We are prioritizing hospitals that have received fewer years of funding before the Bridge Navigator Program to develop and sustain their programs.

I have a Bridge Navigator Program contract for multiple hospitals. Should I apply for all the hospitals in my contract?
You may apply for all eligible hospitals in your contract. PHI/CA Bridge will use the funding priorities detailed in the RFA to select individual hospitals under the contract to receive supplemental funding.

Our hospital already made the navigator a permanent position. Should I apply?
Although any hospital with a signed or in-process BNP contract is eligible to apply, we encourage sites that already have stable funding for their navigators to refrain from applying to allow other hospitals an opportunity to sustain their programs. 

Our hospital has already made a decision to let the navigator go after the Bridge Navigator Program concludes. Should I apply?
Yes, if the supplemental funding would offer an opportunity for the hospital to reevaluate this decision and develop a strategy to sustain the navigator position, you should apply. While sites are required to implement one to three strategies to move towards sustainability, we understand that these efforts may not always be successful.

What if the hospital cannot commit to sustaining the navigator? Should I still apply?
Yes, acceptance of supplemental funding for the Bridge Navigator Program does not require a commitment to continue the navigator position after the Bridge Navigator Program ends but does require hospitals to identify, commit to, and execute a defined strategy to work towards sustaining the position.

The decision to keep the navigator is going to be made by our corporate leadership. Can we still apply from the hospital?
If the supplemental funding would offer an opportunity to increase the likelihood that corporate leadership would choose to sustain the navigator, please consider applying

If our previous funding (e.g., SOR 1 or BHPP) was contracted through the hospital and we are now contracted (for the Bridge Navigator Program) through a staffing agency or other organization—or vice versa—are we eligible for supplemental funding? Does our previous funding still apply to the prioritization?
Hospitals are considered to have received previous funding even if a different entity (e.g., staffing group, hospital foundation) accepted the funds on behalf of the hospital. Previous funding through a different contracting entity will still count for prioritization purposes.   

Who is authorized to sign and submit the supplemental funding application?
Each applicant entity will have its own policy on who can sign and submit the application. The supplemental funding application asks the signatory for the application to “certify that the information provided on the form is true and correct and that you are authorized by your organization to provide the information.”