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Oakland CA, 94607

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555 12th Street, 10th Floor
Oakland CA, 94607


Revolutionizing Substance Use Treatment in Emergency Departments

6 Dec 2021|

Being part of the CA Bridge program and hearing patients' stories changed Dr. Jennifer Zhan's life dramatically. She became instrumental in bringing a new, life-saving model of addiction treatment to her hospital. She also joined the CA Bridge team to change the standard of care at hospitals throughout the state.

Shedding Light on Youth Substance Use

9 Nov 2021|

It can be uncomfortable to acknowledge that young people use drugs. However, many substance use disorders begin before adulthood, so families and clinicians must address this issue early on. CA Bridge is partnering with California Youth Opioid Response (YOR California) to increase access to care for youth.

A Doctor’s Perspective on Helping Drug Users Survive, Not Abstain

4 Aug 2021|

Join Dr. Herring calls for medication for addiction treatment and harm reduction practices to be the standard of care in all hospitals. You can save more lives by signing up for the latest training and resources or reaching out for individualized technical assistance to adequately treat substance use disorders at your hospital.

Changing the Drug Culture in Mendocino

23 Jul 2021|

Mendocino County is beloved for its miles of gorgeous, unspoiled coastal beaches, rolling hills, and charming towns. But the bucolic landscape hides another picture. The rural northern California county is also known for extreme poverty, serious unemployment with limited options for upward mobility, and some of the highest rates of substance use and addiction in the state.