24/7 access to evidence-based medication for addiction treatment.

Medication for addiction treatment, or “MAT,” uses FDA approved medications to treat substance use disorder and support recovery. There are three drugs approved by the FDA—buprenorphine, methadone, and naltrexone—each of which has its own uses and benefits. Buprenorphine is the gold standard drug for MAT—newer, safer, and easy to use—but there are other drugs shown to be effective in treating substance use disorders such as alcohol and stimulants.

Treat overdose and addiction.

An overdose is a life-threatening situation that should trigger a 911 call. Great strides have been made in equipping first responders to reverse overdoses and save lives, but this event does not provide people with medication that helps them reduce their use of drugs. The standard of care must involve overdose prevention and addiction treatment.

Opioid use disorder is a serious problem. MAT is the most effective solution.

  • A large national study found that MAT treatment was associated with the largest decrease in overdose and reduced likelihood of a serious opioid-related hospitalization.
  • In addition, MAT has been shown to: decrease illicit opiate use and criminal activity, increase employment, and improve birth outcomes among pregnant women.

Patients engaged in addiction treatment at 2 months.

Chart of patients engaged in addiction treatment after two months

Source: D’Onofrio, et al. 2017