CA Bridge is committed to establishing a culture of evidence-based medicine to treat substance use disorders in acute care settings throughout California.

We have established a network of Centers of Excellence (COE) at select hospitals in the state to serve as leaders in addiction treatment, with clinical champions and hospital staff collaborating to advance addiction care practices in the acute care setting. Hospitals have been selected based on their readiness to serve as regional leaders, ability to promote and evaluate care innovations, and patient population that their hospital serves.

Each COE will continue to expand low-threshold access to Medication for Addiction Treatment (MAT), pilot approaches to treating methamphetamine and other use disorders in acute care settings, and serve as a resource for other hospitals in the state. COEs will provide evidence for the impact of the CA Bridge model and other innovative care practices based on rigorous research and quality improvement projects conducted across sites.

Project Activities

Enhanced Care Practices
COEs will expand on the CA Bridge model of low-threshold, rapid treatment for patients with opioid use disorder. All sites will test how elements of the CA Bridge model can be applied to treatment of patients with methamphetamine use disorder. They will also select other enhanced care practices to implement at their hospital, such as treatment using long-acting injectables or improving access to maternal opioid use disorder care.

Research and Innovation
In partnership with the UCLA School of Medicine, COE sites will participate in the CA Bridge Patient Outcomes Research Study to identify predictors of care engagement and care outcomes for patients treated for opioid use disorder in acute care settings. Regular data reporting and quality improvement projects will provide insight into the real-world feasibility and effectiveness of the enhanced care practices undertaken at the sites.

COE sites will serve as model sites and provide training and technical assistance to hospitals across the state that are implementing addiction care. Rapid dissemination of lessons learned and guidelines for promising care practices will also occur through presentations, publications, and online resources made available to hospitals across the state and nationally.

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Centers of Excellence