CA Bridge offers clinical training and technical assistance for any hospital from any state in the US that is interested in starting an addiction treatment program.

Our training and technical assistance programs introduce hospital champions to the wide breadth of CA Bridge materials and resources for medication for addiction treatment (MAT) implementation. We currently offer targeted assistance to the 206 hospitals receiving funding from the Behavioral Health Pilot Program (BHPP).

Emergency departments (EDs) are an open door for treatment of substance use disorder because they provide 24/7 access, regardless of insurance status, and are frequently used by people experiencing addiction. Starting buprenorphine (a form of MAT) in the ED, along with a referral to ongoing outpatient care, has been shown to double the likelihood that patients will remain in treatment compared to the standard practice of providing only a referral to outside treatment.

Project Activities


Changemaker Training Series

This monthly “Boot Camp” training series provides specialized training and networking opportunities for any champion of medication for addiction treatment (MAT) implementation in any hospital and any state. Sessions are modeled on the CA Bridge Blueprint for Hospital Opioid Use Disorder Treatment, brought to life by experts who provide insight into building MAT programs, changing the standard of care for substance use disorders, offering clinical guidance, and addressing health equity for underrepresented populations.

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Individualized Site or System Support

Our team of clinical consultants supports hospitals and health systems across California. Our experts are leaders in their regions and beyond, providing individualized support for implementing MAT, troubleshooting for common challenges, and connecting to relevant resources. These coaches provide training and presentations upon request.

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Tools and Resources

Our extensive resource directory supports the implementation of our model for MAT in acute care. These resources are available to anyone free of charge and can be accessed in our resource library. Some of our clinical resources include:

Clinical training and technical assistance