CA Bridge Advocacy Fund

All people deserve access to evidence-based addiction treatment.

The current system has failed people who use drugs and their communities. We have a unique opportunity to lift up the voices of medical providers, substance use navigators, patients, and family members. Together, we can play an invaluable role by speaking out for policies that provide equitable access to care.

How You Can Help

Since our government and private foundation grants do not currently fund our advocacy work, we created the CA Bridge Advocacy Fund. We are asking for the support of everyone in our community to translate our commitment to equity and access to care into real changes in public policy. We are up against decades of discrimination, racism, and commercial interests, and we need your help. 

Please join us by making a meaningful contribution to support this work.


Some of the issues we will be working on in 2021 are:

Donor levels

  • Leader: $1,000+
  • Champion: $250-1,000
  • Advocate: $100-250
  • Team Member: $1-100
Policy and Advocacy