Complete this brief survey so that the CA Bridge team can help you provide access to evidence-based treatment for substance use disorders.

​The CA Bridge Program will work with you and/or your health system to improve care for patients with substance use disorder (SUD). Specifically, we support providers and substance use navigators as they implement the use of evidence-based treatment and tools for patients in need of medications for addiction treatment (MAT) and/or referral to ongoing care or harm reduction services. Education, skill-building, and logistical support is available to any provider at any California hospital at any stage of implementation. For hospitals outside of California, our ability to provide assistance is dependent on available funding. Please submit your request, and we will let you know how we can support you.

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Expanding and Improving Medication for Addiction Treatment (MAT) Access at Hospitals

The following questions will help us understand what is already established in your hospital or what stage of readiness your hospital is at to implement the CA Bridge model.
Is buprenorphine currently being used to treat patients in your ED or inpatient units?
MAT is available already in the following setting(s):
What other financial or technical assistance has your hospital received?